The Friendliest Coffee House in Fort Collins

Momo Lolo Changing Hands

Wednesday May 112:00am - 12:00am

Looking down on empty streets, all she could see
Are the dreams all made solid
Are the dreams made real

All of the buildings, all of the cars
Were once just a dream
In somebody's head

Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street

After inventing Momo Lolo and running it for nine years I've decided to move on to other endeavors. This does not mean Momo Lolo is dying. I am passing the mantle to my daughter September's family. Because they are different people the shop will undoubtedly change, but I'm sure it will be magnificent. Transfer of ownership will happen May 1. I will be helping with the transition for about a month. After that I probably won't be back in the shop for quite some time so the new guys can form and implement their own vision without interference from me.

Momo Lolo has been important to me because the people who have worked here and the people who have come in have been important to me. It has been a heartening experience because there is daily evidence that, on the whole, people are smart, kind, honest, and good. Time after time I have put my trust in others and they have proven trustworthy beyond reasonable expectations. When I first started the shop my MBA brother asked about my "target customer". I answered "anyone with whom I can have an interesting conversation". There have been many interesting conversations over the years on an astounding variety of topics.

My tendencies are monastic and my long term communication skills slipshod, but it is not my intention to withdraw from or leave anyone behind. To counteract my tendencies I urge each of you to reach out to me whenever you wish.

Until I have a better alternative to notify people without bugging them I will probably post my current activities on facebook/instagram/snapchat. Feel free to friend me. I also use email and text (but I avoid phone calls and voicemail). If you have better alternatives or other preferences for communication let me know.

Colin Gerety